Hey guys,(Work From Home Jobs You Can Get Right Now)

I know at the time of quarantine and social distancing, We all are stuck at home. If I guess right we all are watching Series at various platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime etc.

It is quite a long time that we are at home, Many of us got bored by watching those series also.

If I guess correct than most of you are going through the financial crisis as Most of the population is not having any work during this quarantine time because of COVID-19 pandemic.

So, to solve this problem not fully but yes partially, we are here for you all guys to tell you about some of the work from home online jobs. However, By this, you all can pass your time fully and able to earn money online.

With this work maybe some of us can learn new skills by this.

Let’s start, (Work From Home Jobs You Can Get Right Now)


Those who love to write or want to become a writer he or she can start form now. All you have to do is, Go to the site of INTERNSHALA (Where you get the opportunity to get an internship for various platforms under some of the best companies and MNC’s).

There upload your profile and then you all will get to know that there are some of the jobs profile which matches your capabilities. Maybe you all are not satisfied as they only gave 3k to 5k per month salary.

But I highly recommend you all to try it once as I know that salary will not up to the mark for you guys but this is a platform where your skills are improved and you all will learn something new which will be benefitted for you guys in future.

INSTAGRAM FREELANCING (Work From Home Jobs You Can Get Right Now)

Now let’s talk about those who are having some skills related to Photoshop, Video Editing, Graphic designing they are having two methods to get work from home.

The first platform is where you can try and maybe familiar to all of you that is UPWORK & FREELANCING.

But there is another platform also such as INSTAGRAM, in which you all can DM to some of the big pages of Instagram admins and can write Message to them “Hey I am a Video editor or designer,

I can work for you in lowest price(whatever you all are suitable with)”.

It is highly possible that you all can get this job because every admin needs a video editor or designer and you can able to find a client faster than freelancer.

These Dm of Instagram is applicable for content writing jobs also.

COMMENTING FOR INSTAGRAM (Work From Home Jobs You Can Get Right Now)

Now let’s talk about this job, I know everyone is thinking that “Commenting”!!!!!! Which type of job is this??? But let me tell you guys that All the ADMINS of INSTAGRAM is requiring commenter to boost their post.

However, they will provide you 20 Rs for 100 comments in 5 minutes on their posts. So, if you will approach for let say 10 admins, then you will be getting 100 Rs per day, i.e. 3000 per month.

For this also you can message these admins for commenting….. This job is quite interesting because at this time you can use your waste time in a wise manner.

At Conclusion, (Work From Home Jobs You Can Get Right Now)

Like this you all know that there are many online jobs or Work from home jobs that you know very well can be beneficial for you guys. But In my opinion, these are the jobs which you all are not aware of.

Many other jobs are their like data entry, online tutions etc…. which you all know and if you don’t then you can find any tutorial about it on you tube or on google.

At last, I just want to a convey a message to guys that if anyone of you get these type of jobs then do comments and tell everybody about when and from where you got the job and please help others to find one.

Thank you for giving your precious time on reading blogs.


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