Why does milk overflow when boiled while water does not?


Hello guys, one day my mom told me to turn off the regulator once the milk will overflow. But i was so busy on chatting with my Crush ( and luckily now she is my girlfriend). and i forgot about the milk.After sometimes when my mom returned, I received a flying chapal. Because the milk got overflowed.

And that whole day after receiving the flying chapal, i was thinking about “Why does milk overflow when boiled while water does not?”And finally i got my answer. So, before we start we must be aware of that fact that milk is not a normal liquid like water.

Milk is far more complex as it is made-up of 87 percent water, 4 percent proteins and 5 percent lactose. When we boil milk, fat, sugar, proteins and minerals get separated.As these are lighter than milk, they collect on the surface to form the cream.Now, as the milk continues to get heated.

Out of the 87 percent of water, some of it gets converted into vapour. These bubbles of vapour start to rise above but are stopped. And not allowed to escape by the cream which has been formed on the surface.

But this does not stop the vapor from forming. So as more water evaporates, more vapour and pressure builds up in the boiling milk.Finally, the milk pushes the creamy layer out so that the air can escape.

This then causes the milk to spill out of the vessel.So now i hope this may clear to you. And at last i just want to say, if you guys want to know more about science and technology then please checkout our E-book store. click here  


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