There is no definite answer to this question. Both were geniuses in their own right. Tesla was a lone wolf, whereas Einstein was in the company of other great geniusesBut if we’re talking about raw intelligence I would say definitely Tesla!Tesla had a strange cognitive ability that allowed him to invent things in his imagination and test them out in his imagination too!And did you know ?
Einstein was once asked ,’ How it feels to be smartest man alive ‘.
Einstein replied , ‘ I don’t know you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla ‘.

When Tesla died he had over 700 patents to his name and maybe many more which he took to his death bed. It is said that he had invented

  • A death ray!!!
  • A device(A high frequency oscillator to be honest) which could produce an earthquake!!!
  • Limitless Free energy!!

and many more which one can easily find on the internet.
But can anybody prove all this ?There are some theories to support this but no solid proof yet. In spite of the doubt you cannot ignore the inventions, of which we do have proof.

  • Alternating Current
  • Radio
  • Remote Control
  • Electric Motor
  • Laser

and many more which one can easily find on the INTERNET.

  • Photoelectric effect
  • Special theory of relativity
  • The famous E=mc^2

and many more

Both Einstein and Tesla have immense impacts on the present world. Its just like comparing water and air, which is more important. You see, Tesla used to get completely involved in his projects, like becoming one with the machine. Einstein, on the other hand, had an abstract approach to physical problems.

But if you compare them both o the basis of their IQs, then I personally believe that tesla would score more than Einstein. Not just that, but Tesla was brilliant from his childhood too.

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