Hi Nikistians, (“What is the white smoke behind rockets & aeroplanes?? )
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Today we are going to talk about an awesome topic which you all have once or many times saw since from your childhood that is “What is the white smoke behind rockets & aeroplanes??”

Have you thought of this question ever? No, then today lets find it out why? I have recently read this topic in ‘Quora’ and I couldn’t resist taking a crack at it.

What is that whitish streak behind a rocket Or aeroplane?

Those white streaks planes leave behind are literally artificial clouds.

These square measure referred to as CONTRAILS( artificial clouds).

Contrails are a shorter version of the cloud.

As the hot exhaust air escapes from the aeroplane engine.

At high altitudes as this vapour emerges into a chilly environment( at bigger heights temperature is low),

the localized increase in vapour will raise the ratio of the air past saturation.

The vapour then condenses into small water droplets that freeze if the temperature is low enough.

These immeasurable small water droplets or ice crystals type are the contrails.

Wherever did water vapours come?? ( What is the white smoke behind rockets & aeroplanes??” )

During combustion of fuel+ air in a craft turbine engine, water (H2O) vapour is one in all the main product and is exhausted out.

So, water as such is not there, therein type (H2O) within the fuel/air to start with (other than some very little amount of wetness in the air),

However, is made in sensible quantities throughout combustion.

It is the same development you notice from your vehicle engine too.

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