Hi Nikistians, today we are going to talk about the Truth or Myth: Our Nose and our Ears Never Stop Growing

Sooner or later in your life, somebody has most likely common with you a little chunk of intelligence about how our

nose and our ears grow constantly.

You may then peek around and see a lot of senior residents and notice that truth be told,

their facial limbs are somewhat bigger than their more youthful partners and accept this reality to be valid…

yet is it?

Truth or Myth: Our Nose and our Ears Never Stop Growing

In all actuality “Yes”, as we age, our nose and our ears do get greater, yet not on the grounds that they are developing.

The genuine explanation is a typical logical power known as GRAVITY.

Our nose and our ears are made of ligament and keeping

in mind that numerous individuals mistakenly accept that ligament grows constantly,

the truth of the matter is ligament stops developing.

Be that as it may, the ligament is made of collagen and different filaments that start to separate as we age.

The outcome is hanging.

So what seems, by all accounts, to be developed is simply gravity carrying out its responsibility.

Our noses and our ear cartilage hang and become bigger.

Adding to the confusion is what befalls different pieces of our face.

While our nose may hang, our cheeks and lips really lose volume, making everything else look similarly bigger.

Shockingly, maturing – and gravity – are both unavoidable.

Our lone guard against this common event is finding the wellspring of youth or moving to the moon.

Now I am going, to summing up here by saying that you all will get many interesting things in stories day by day. Thanking you to give your precious time for reading our stories.


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