Hi Nikistians, (Soap for the body but why shampoo for hairs??)

Let me show the situation to you and let me know whether it sounds natural:

You avoided showering for a few days and find that you are ‘well-prepared’ no doubt.

You jump into the shower, go to get your body wash and find that it’s totally unfilled…

… you investigate at your cleanser jug and start to manage with what’s left in that holder so as to get your body ‘clean’.

However, for reasons unknown or another, it just feels like viscous disorder when cleaning.

Soap for the body but why shampoo for hairs??


We’ve all been there.

Regardless of whether the Amazon request didn’t show up yet or you basically neglected to get the fundamentals at the supermarket this previous end of the week,

you are washing with the ‘not prescribed’ items.

So, Let’s see what is Shampoo designed for??

The shampoo is designed to Perform In A Much Different Manner.

The main purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt and oil from the surface of the hair fibres and the scalp.

Some commercial shampoos may also have additional components to control dandruff and condition hair.

Now Let’s see What is Body wash is designed for??

Specialists prescribe that you soak in the wake of washing to help keep the moisture that you just got from your body wash in your skin.

The reason for a body wash is to free your skin of things like dirt, excess oil, odour, sweat and makeup.

What Happens If You Substitute Your Shampoo, Body Wash, Or Soap?

Presently there is literally nothing preventing you from utilizing the items reciprocally.

Actually, quite a while prior cleanser wasn’t a thing – individuals would simply utilize one bar of cleanser for everything!

Be that as it may,

as science and science have improved throughout the years and the equations inside the items are intended for various uses,

you will at present need to utilize cleanser for head and cleanser for the body.

The explanation to a great extent is that in the event that you attempt to utilize a bar of cleanser on your hair,

it will in any case strip away the soil and fundamental sebum oil from your scalp leaving your hair looking a lot of dryers and weak a while later.

Furthermore, utilizing cleanser on your head may cause an uptick in dandruff generation as your scalp,

may attempt to make up for an unexpected absence of sebum oil by overproducing it for the following scarcely any days.

Presently on the off chance that you go the other way and give the cleanser a shot your body,

given the normally smooth piece of cleanser,

you will probably see that it’s going as excessively disgusting and a ton harder to wash off.

On the off chance that you are after all other options have been exhausted,

it can work, in any case, it’s to a great extent not recommended.


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