Telegram is an amazing place for a learner. There are so many channels in telegram which you have to join if you want to get so many premium courses. That’s why in today’s blog I will tell you so many things about a telegram channel name Learnist. Which offers you so many things like hacking and programming course, job, and internship alerts For almost free of cost.

This channel is created by Mr. Varun a certified ethical hacker and experienced python developer. The main motive of their channel is to provide awesome courses. Not only courses they also send you job and internship related updates pdf ebooks and some times their video sessions.

In their channel, you will also get all Nikist’s premium ebooks for FREE. Not only this he also has a GPL license of most of the premium software and WordPress plugins, which he will give you in his telegram channel for FREE. The lifetime joining fee of this telegram channel is FREE OF cost. But you support Mr. Varun by paying any amount of money from weather its 10Rs or 1000Rs/-. And believe me in just 10Rs you are getting almost thousands of premium stuff for Free every month. If you really want to join this telegram channel then click here.


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