Hey, (How to get a free subscription for 2 months??)

As you all know that lockdown has increased till 3 May.


If I guess right then you all are passing your time by watching your favourite series on Netflix or etc.

But here comes the disclaimer!!!!!

As you all are wasting your time on this during the lockdown. Why can’t you all use it wisely?

If I say wisely, (How to get a free subscription for 2 months??)

I mean you all can use this time on learning some skills and after the lockdown will get over,

However you can use this to get a promotion or to get higher earnings.

By keeping above thing in mind David & Kevin are helping us to give you all various educational website free subscription in this blog.

To get those subscription please read the whole blog.

How Hacking & Programming help you in earning money??

At the point when you think about a programmer, you may imagine an unknown figure who’s up to no good.

It’s a great opportunity to think once more:

Ethical hackers also exist, aiming to find security issues that can be fixed rather than exploited.

As Hacker and Programmer are in demand

According to CISO, the annual salary of ethical hackers averages Rs 570,000.

That of Chief Information Security Officers ranges from Rs 12 lakh (Rs 1.2 million) a year to Rs 80 lakh (Rs 8 million),

with an average of Rs 23.7 lakh (Rs 2.37 million) a year.

For the most part, the Google programming engineers in India get paid 66 lakhs to 80 lakhs in India, it doesn’t go over that.

In the event that somebody is getting more than 1 crore, at that point he isn’t getting in India.

In the event that you are fresher, you will get 66–68 LPA.

Now come back to the main point that is,

How to learn the course

There are many methods like you can go for premium or if not then you can opt for free methods.

For free methods either you can try for youtube videos or there are many premium methods like skillshare.

However, Plural sight in which you all will get high-quality courses but they have subscription very costly.

But not to worry we are providing you guys free subscription for 2 months of them during this quarantine time,

So that you can use your time wisely.


Not only Programming or hacking is the course you can learn.

However, you all can learn blogging, content writing, digital marketing, photoshop, photography, speaking etc.

we can learn these courses too from these sites.

To learn the extra skills you can click on this link below:-





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