Hi guys, In these 5 days, I will tell you about “How to get into a field of programming?” What are the job opportunities in the IT sector? or How to do a course in Programming? What are the free resources of learning the course? How to do an internship if you want to come to this particular IT field So this is the “DAY1” of 5 days series. Read this blog until the end. So, you all can’t miss a single session or a series.

Why do you want to be a developer or a programmer?

Many of us wants to pursue the field of IT and have a special attraction to programming. But according to the survey, 70-80% are the students who have pursued Btech/Cs or Btech/ IT just because they thought that it is the most glorious world. They only joined this course just because they know that they will get a higher paid job in this field and their family members force them to do that just because of the same reason mentioned above. 90% of the reason is this also that their family members have forced them to pursue the course as it is very famous in ancient times and every student’s parents feel proud to say that “Mera bacha to Btech kr Raha hai”.

So these are the main reasons because of which that Btech is nowadays meant as nothing and its brand and name are getting worse day by day. And most of the students think they will get millions of salary packing from their college placement but in reality you have to study from outsources to get better in the programming field so that you can crack any big MNC’s interview.

How to get a job in the IT Industry??

After you graduated everyone said that there is no job for Btech graduates and if there are some jobs then there are no good packages for them. So in that case, I want to tell you there are so many jobs for Btech students and for the It sector students but the main point is, How much knowledge do you guys have? For example:- 90% of the college students are familiar with PHP, C, C++, dot net, java, Mysql. But in most of the colleges, no one is there to teach you guys about the new languages like React, React Native, Angular, Node js, Mongo DB coming in this particular field. Let’s suppose a company come to your college for placement and they need Java Developers.

But here is the fact that your whole college knows what is java and most of them are eligible for that role. On another hand, there is one more company that wants angular developer, node js developer. Now the fact is that these are the new languages which came in the last few years in this field. Many of us don’t know about this particular language. So in this company, the competition will be low. So, there will be high chances for you to get this job. You all have to learn basic languages but also the languages of the new generation. If you keep yourself updated then Your resume will get strong.

And if you go for a job interview then the interviewer will surely impress by your resume because you have new skills in your resume as compare to other So, the point is that if you want to come in IT sector and also want to get high paying job than I suggest you guys to start learning new languages instead of the old one.

At conclusion,

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Now tomorrow at 10 am on DAY 2 we will discuss “How to learn these new languages for free “There are so many methods through which you can learn it. So tomorrow at 10 am just visit our website for the day 2 series. Thank you for your precious time.


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