Hello Everyone!!!! (How patients recovered if there is no medicine for coronavirus??.)

Including you and us, everybody is talking about COVID-19. The effects of the epidemic have felt around the world and with so much data coming out each day, it is difficult to monitor what’s real and what’s not??

Everyone including our PM Mr. Narendra Modi is thinking about how to beat Corona virus???

The question arises that so far no medication is available with any nation of the world for the treatment of coronavirus, then how are people recovering?

I have recently read this topic in ‘Quora’ and I couldn’t resist taking a crack at it.

In India, the loss of life from the corona virus (COVID-19) has exceeded 100. So far 109 individuals have passed on in the nation, as indicated by the Health Ministry information yesterday at 9 am.

Simultaneously, 4,067 cases have been accounted for up until this point. 3,666 are experiencing treatment. 291 individuals have recovered. Over the most recent 12 hours, 490 cases have expanded.

Kanika Kapoor, who was admitted to SPGM Hospital in Lucknow on March 20, found corona virus-positive, is presently completely recovered.

The question arises that no medication is accessible with any nation of the world so far for the treatment of coronavirus, then how are people recovering?

How was the treatment? (How patients recovered if there is no medicine for coronavirus??)

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that so far there is no medication available to treat the coronavirus. Many countries are regularly trying to make medicines,

As of now, the individuals who are admitted because of virus infection are treated on the basis of symptoms. Doctors can not offer meds to any patient according to their mind.

Various medicines have suggested to individuals with various symptoms only under the guidelines of WHO and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Prevention is the cure

As designated by Agra’s Senior Physician Dr Arvind Jain. There are many consequences regarding the coronavirus which have not yet revealed.

People also do many things about the spread of its infection.

The facts confirm that no medication has yet made for the coronavirus but prevention is the cure for infection.

Because of this rescue, there is a remarkable difference in the number of people killed compared to those infected.

Possible to eliminate infection from the immune system

Dr Arvind further conveys that the only reason behind who are getting free from Corona infection is their Social distancing, Sanitization & and the biggest thing is that the immunity system is good.

These are the things which take care at the time when infected people are in isolation. As the immunity of the contaminated individual increases,

the coronavirus disease is wiped out from his body, so people are repeatedly recommended to adopt these three things.

There is another angle to it. That is, even if the person is infected from the coronavirus but his immunity is good then he become a silent carrer.

The infection of the virus does not affect it, but people with weak immunity get infected by coming into contact with it.

At last I want to convey message on behalf of our government that Stay safe by sanitizing yourself and by maintaining social distancing.


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