Most of us want to earn money but whenever we search “How to earn money” on google, youtube every time we see affiliate marketing, blogging, Facebook ads, youtube etc as an earning method. No one will tell you about creating an Instagram page. So today with the help of Mr.Viksit we will tell you so many things about Instagram and how much an Instagram page admin earns. At the end of this course, we will also give you the complete Instagram growth premium ebook. So that you can learn and earn. Now read this complete blog otherwise you will miss so much awesome stuff.

Well, an Instagram page admin earns from various methods like shoutouts, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, by providing target followers. Mainly they earn from paid shoutouts. The estimated earning of an Instagram page admin having 100k followers is 20-25k Rs minimum and 40-45k Rs maximum. If you don’t believe me then check any Instagram page at 7 pm. You will see a post that promotes other pages. These posts tell you to follow other Instagram pages to know any full facts or video. This kind of posts are known as paid shoutout(promotion)

If you really want to learn how we admins created such big pages and how we get paid promotion then you can read our ebook “The complete Instagram growth”. In this ebook, you will receive a complete pdf which will teach you step by step. Along with the ebook, you will also add the Instagram admins telegram channel where I will send you my audio recording. In this recording, I will tell you some awesome updated methods to get organic followers and paid promotions to earn money.

If you really want to learn how I created such a big page and how I am earning then you can read my ebook. Well, I am The price of this ebook is 599Rs. But with the help of Nikist you can read this ebook in just 149Rs with this given link. But this link is valid till 24hrs.


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