Hi guys, Have you ever experienced free-falling in a dream?? Everyone has heard of that famous myth that if you’re falling in a dream and you actually hit the ground, you die in real life. This is obviously not true, although hitting the ground can certainly scare you into consciousness. Have you ever thought What does this phenomenon mean?? Find out about hypnagogic jerks, or hypnic jerks, including the most widely recognized symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments for the same. I will assure you that you will get your answers after reading this whole blog.

Have you ever experienced free-falling in a dream?? Do you know this particular phenomenon is called as “Hypnic jerk, also called Hypnagogic jerk”?

 Hypnic jerks (Have you ever experienced free-falling in a dream??)

Hypnic jerks which people also refer to as Hypnagogic jerks or “sleep starts,” are involuntary muscle contractions that some people experience as they are falling asleep.

Some hypnic jerks are gentle and barely observable. Others can be serious — any individual who has been near falling asleep and afterwards felt unexpected jerk that has woken them up has encountered a hypnic jerk. Hypnic jerks are normal and happen randomly. The specific reason for these jerks is unclear, however, a few components may improve their probability. In this article, get familiar with hypnic jerks, how normal they are, and how to decrease their recurrence.

What is hypnic jerk??

A hypnic jerk is an automatic jerk off at least one muscles that happen as an individual is falling asleep. In general, it happens similarly as the individual is changing from an attentive state to a resting state. Hypnic jerks are a sort of automatic muscle movement called myoclonus. Hiccups are another regular type of myoclonus. The quality of a hypnic jerk may change. A few people may not know about the jerks, and may possibly realize that they experience them if an accomplice or guardian sees the movements. Different occasions, the fits can be sufficiently able to frighten the individual and wake them up.

People may experience other symptoms alongside hypnic jerks, such as:

  • feeling as though they are falling
  • rapid heartbeat
  • rapid breathing
  • sweating
  • dreaming about falling

These sensations are not indications of any basic wellbeing conditions.

Causes (Have you ever experienced free-falling in a dream??)

In most cases, there is no clear cause of a hypnic jerk. They happen in most people with no hidden clarification.All things considered, there are a few thoughts and hypotheses concerning why these sleep starts happen. possible reasons may include:


Exercising regulate the body, so practising late at night may make it increasingly hard for the body to relax in time for sleep. This overabundance incitement may cause a hypnic jerk.


Body and brain stimulants, for example, caffeine, nicotine, or a few medications, may make falling asleep or stay unconscious throughout the night difficult. They may likewise expand the recurrence of hypnic jerks.

Stress and tension:

A high-stress way of life or feeling exceptionally restless can make it hard to relax in participation for sleep. An alert brain might be simpler to frighten, so an individual might be bound to wake up when these automatic muscle jerks happen.

Poor sleep habits:

Irregular sleep patterns, lack of sleep, or ordinary sleep disturbances may prompt hypnic jerks.

Will hypnic jerks wake us up?

It is conceivable to wake up from a hypnic jerk, however, this doesn’t generally occur, as the strength of the muscle constriction that an individual experience will differ. Few people just have minor hypnic jerks and are probably not going to wake up as a result of them. They may possibly know that they experience hypnic jerks if a partner or guardian notices them.

In different cases, muscle compression might be significant enough to shock the individual awake. The quality of the withdrawal itself or the disrupting feeling that the individual has from moving so rapidly could cause this. In some cases, these enormous contractions can cause an individual to feel as if another person is pushing them off the bed. Different side effects of a hypnic jerk may likewise wake the individual up. Some of the time the individual dreams that they are falling either up, from a tree, or through a void. In spite of the fact that it is dubious which sensation starts things out, this can be sufficient to terrify the individual conscious.

Preventing hypnic jerks (Have you ever experienced free-falling in a dream??)

While it may not be conceivable to keep away from all cases of hypnic jerks, a few people may see that they have them less much of the time when they make a couple of way of life changes.

Tips that may help forestall hypnic jerks include:

Avoiding late-night exercise

Exercise is crucial, yet an excess of physical incitement near sleep time may improve the probability of these muscle jerks.

Practicing prior in the day rather can give the body a lot of time to unwind and loosen up before bed.

Maintaining a strategic distance from caffeine

Caffeine sources, for example, espresso, tea, and chocolate, may enable an individual to get up in the first part of the day, yet having caffeine later in the day can animate the body and mind excessively, making it hard to progress to rest.

Maintaining a strategic distance from other energizer drugs

Other animating medications, for example, nicotine and liquor, may prompt eager rest, which can bring about issues with lack of sleep or troublesome hypnic jerks.

Making a sleep time schedule

Making a sleep time routine may enable the body to unwind and decrease pressure. A few people drink quieting teas or warm milk and read a book before bed. Others may want to do delicate stretches or tune in to music.

Turning down the lights

Specialists realize that light invigorates the cerebrum to be progressively alert, which implies that it can enable an individual to wake up more effectively in the first part of the day however could make rest increasingly troublesome. Blue light, which is the virus light from some lights, TVs, PC screens, and cell phones, tells the body that it is daytime. Turning down these lights or maintaining a strategic distance from innovation before bed will decrease the degrees of blue light and may enable an individual to unwind.

Relaxing meditations

A few people utilize guided contemplations or breathing activities to enable them to unwind. Something as straightforward as taking moderate, full breaths for 5 minutes may enable an individual to diminish their feelings of anxiety.


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