Hang R#pists, but will it reduce R#pes? What are the Myths?

Hang R#pists, but will it reduce R#pes? What are the Myths?

Hi Nikistians, today we are going to discuss the main topic of our society that is Hang R#pists, but will it reduce R#pes? What are the Myths? Let’s talk about it in our story……

As you all know that the case of Nirbhaya shocked the entire nation conscience.

Blaming and punishing the perpetrator alone will not address the underlying belief systems, based in a patriarchal culture that gives rise to various myths that trigger, promote and sustain s#xual assaults and r#pe on women.

Hang R#pists, but will it reduce R#pes? What are the Myths?

On the basis of the question asked above, there are 5 types of Myths People used to believe are as follows:-

Myth #1: Law is the only solution

The biggest myth people think is that if the r#pist got punished strictly therefore, treated badly then the rate of r#pes will go down.
In fact, the Nirbhaya case is misleading as very few victims of r#pe actually report it and even fewer get justice.

The truth is that if a report is made, however, she goes for a medical exam where the doctor inserts two fingers into her v#gina to determine if she is ‘habituated to s#x’;

a substitute for ‘I think she is of “loose” character; hence her account cannot be relied upon.’ 

Is there any medical test

There is no medical test for this then also women send to the hospital for the test.

They are simply thrown away. At this point, the prosecution’s case will fail.

Therefore If it does reach the courts, the poor r#pe victim’s private life will be disrobed for public scrutiny and titillation,

completing a cycle of victimisation by shunning, mocking or blaming her for the abuse.

Myth #2: R#pe is men lusting for s#x

Does anyone think that the Nirbhaya r#pe and killing was simply a case of lust? No, it was butchery of a defenceless woman by a pack of men who were enraged that she attempted to fight for her safety. 

Myth #3: R#pe is society’s problem, not mine

In fact, 42% of r#pes in India are committed by people known to the victims, of which over 12% is by relatives like brothers, fathers and uncles, and by others on the promise of marriage.

R#pists are notoriously common-place. Therefore, one of the biggest misconceptions about r#pists is that ‘they are not like us at all’. However, society’s men distance and absolve themselves of any responsibility since doing so helps them deny their own inherent violent s#xual fantasies.

Myth #4: R#pe is not part of our culture

R#pe is now a common-place offence were ‘bored’ men, aroused by streaming po#n videos in their palms, who after getting drunk, go out looking for deviant fun for free.

Myth #5: It is just a few misguided ‘boys’

Sample a range of quotes from political leaders across all party lines. Therefore, how they fall over themselves in justifying, rationalizing and effectively condoning the act of r#pists.

“Lingerie mannequins promote r#pes. Skimpily-clad mannequins can pollute young minds. After the Delhi r#pe case, I felt something had to be done.” – Ritu Tawade, the BJP corporator who mooted the proposal to ban lingerie mannequins.

“To my understanding, consumption of fast food contributes to such incidents. Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking an urge to indulge in such acts. Therefore, our elders too advised eating light and nutritious food.” – Jitender Chhatar, Thua Khap Panchayat leader.

Why do women need phones?

My mother, wife and sister never had mobile phones. They survived without one.” – Rajpal Saini, BSP leader, explaining r#pe to the presence of mobile phones!

In addition “The victim is as guilty as her r#pists. She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop.” – said alleged r#pist Asaram Bapu, self-styled godman, after Nirbhaya incident.

R#pe is mainly prevalent in urban ‘India

due to Western influence and such crimes against women do not happen in rural ‘Bharat’.” – Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief who thinks its not in ‘our’ culture.

“We have no answer to this rising spate of crimes against women. Stars are not in position.” – Nanki Ram Kanwar, former Chhattisgarh home minister, blaming astronomy for r#pes.

Should r#pe cases lead to hanging?

“And then the poor fellows, three of them have been sentenced to death. Should r#pe cases lead to hanging? Boys are boys, they make mistakes.” – Mulayam Singh Yadav, Samajwadi Party leader.

“R#pe is sometimes right, sometimes wrong’ – Babu Lal Gaur of BJP, ex-home minister of MP.

“No one commits r#pe intentionally, it happens by mistake’ – Home Minister, Chhatisgarh, Ramsewak Paikra of BJP.

To change the culture

To change the culture that promotes misogyny and sustains the myths about r#pe, However, we need to bring about widespread changes in our society, families and as individuals.


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