In today’s blog we are going to talk about how to download and enroll for free in Kavin’s 2020 updated ethical hacking complete video course which will cost you 300-500$ with a certificate. So please read the complete blog and follow every step so that you can’t miss this biggest opportunity.

So first let’s talk about the course. This course was designed for beginners and moves on to more advanced applications. So if you don’t know anything about hacking then you can also start from this course. This course contains 10Gb+ of videos. Which you can watch online and you can also download them offline. This course will teach you about various hacking methods and also provide you some awesome hacking tools for free.

In this course you will learn by doing with demonstrations using popular pentesting tools such as Maltego, FOCA, Skipfish, and more. By the end of the course, you will know almost everything related to hacking. At the end you can also apply for the Certification exam for free. If you clear the exam you will receive your highly precious certificate. If you want to enroll in this course. Then there are two options one is paid and the second one is FREE.

1- Paid method:-You can purchase the course at 90% Discount. And it will cost you 999Rs. But I don’t recommend this method to you because you can get the same thing for FREE.

2- Free method:- You can follow these two Instagram accounts. And check out their highlighted stories for download link. These accounts will also help you to get your certificates. That’s why I suggest you to use this method to enroll for this course. Follow @factosm to get 50% of the course and follow @spronik_ to get the remaining 50% of the course. They will accept your requests soon. 


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