Hello, I am Ritika. First of all thankyou Nikist for giving me a platform for my ebook. For those who don’t know me let me tell you, I know most of you have seen my lots of viral videos at night on your smartphone using headphones. I can’t show you my face and my viral videos. but right now I can tell you my story behind those viral videos by writing my ebooks.

Recently I left that industry. And now I am trying to start a new life. But it is not as easy it looks. In my viral videos, you saw me enjoying those moments. But in reality, it’s not easy to completely satisfy a girl. But within my ebook, I will explain to you so much stuff that will help you to understand girl’s needs.

In our childhood, we all did some mistakes. But I did something which is the father of all mistakes that you did. Honestly, at the age of 17, I am not able to control my feelings. And that’s the reason for becoming a part of that industry.

In my ebook, you will understand everything that you need to satisfy a girl. Also, it will also tell you so many things related to those viral videos which you saw in your Private time.

This ebook is free of cost but still, I charge 30Rs for expenses to write this ebook. But If you can pay something for my ebook then it will help me to maintain my financial condition. Because after leaving that industry my financial condition got destroyed like my body parts. And I don’t want to go back to my horrible past to earn money. That’s why I am using my education to write ebooks.
You can buy my ebook by paying any amount of money you want. whether its 30Rs or 200Rs and even you can read this ebook by paying just platform fee/designer. But if you can pay something more than that then it will be helpful for me. You can also follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/the.extraordinary.things/)


  1. No worries everyone did dire mistakes in their young age which they can realise when they got mature . You are an vigorous women who came out of this disastrous thing. Apart from this, I like it very much nd it is am marvellous ebook.

  2. First I want to say is really hatsoff coming up and sharing Ur dark past history to the world by reading Ur book I can image that how hard was Ur life and i felt very bad i wish ur future should be bright all the best for the future

    • We cannot change the past and we don’t know about the future but we can live our present, so don’t think about what u have done in ur past think about what you can do in ur future to make it britter. You are really a very brave girl because u face all that stuff which we never want to be in our life and u came out from that to face this world openly. This is what I love about u. God bless you. Take care

  3. Dont worry!You did the thing that was your past.but you are starting up new life so its a good decision.this society is Worst which could try to desturb you while aliving n surviving.You ignore them all & Dont care about them.All the very best dude.


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